Axcis Liverpool Branch Manager training to run in the Rome marathon to raise funds for children in care

Axcis Liverpool Branch Manager training to run in the Rome marathon to raise funds for children in care

Every year we choose a Charity of the Year to partner with to raise much needed funds for their cause. This year, we’ve been supporting Become, who provide an invaluable service to children and young adults in care or who are care experienced.


Our Liverpool Branch Manager, Kirsten, has taken the fundraising challenge to the next level and has taken the brave decision to enter herself into the Rome marathon, which will take place on the 17th March 2024.





Here we find out a little bit about Kirsten’s training journey so far and why she’s decided to set herself such a big fundraising challenge:


What made you decide to run a marathon to raise funds for Become?

I’d previously ran a half marathon for charity and managed to raise a decent amount of money but thought I should really push myself again and see if I can raise even more by doing double the distance and Become are a very worthwhile charity that we have worked closely with this year so it felt only right to choose them!


Why do you think the work Become does for care and care experienced people is so important?

I think the on-going coaching they can provide, as well as the advice line, is really important as it gives people an outlet who otherwise would potentially have nobody to turn too. In addition to this, the community they have created seems very beneficial and allows people to speak to others who can truly empathise and are going through similar situations.


Have you run a marathon before?

No! And it’s touch and go whether I will again… let’s see how this one goes. I have done 3 half marathons though previously.


Why choose the Rome marathon?

I felt as though if I was going to do a marathon I might as well do it in a place that I actually want to go to, so somewhere where I can make a little city break out of it too! Also, there is a pizza party after the marathon and runners get free pizza I believe so, need I say anymore?


What training have you been doing?

I do 3 x runs a week, one long one at the weekend, a short interval style one and then an additional one which is usually between 5 – 10km at a faster pace than my long one. In addition to this I try to strength train once a week and go to two gym classes so I’m generally training 6 x a week in one capacity or another.



Aside from the physical benefits or running, in what other ways do you think running benefits you personally?

I LOVE being outside, when I’m not running I am often walking my dog in the countryside or horse-riding and I just feel that being outside is so good for your mental health. I think running is also really good, especially when you run alone, to build up your mental strength and resilience – it’s as much of a mental battle as it is physical.


Any tips for wannabe marathon runners out there?

It might be better to answer this when I’ve completed it, but I think, just go for it, make your training plan, try to stick to it, give yourself plenty of time to build up your distance and commit! 😊


If you wish to support Kirsten’s fundraising efforts, please click here to donate to her JustGiving page.

And don’t forget to stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for updates on her journey along the way.

For more information on Become and our other charitable work, please visit our Charitable Partnerships page.


Martin Keddie