Are you ready for the new term? Checklist for supply staff

Are you ready for the new term? Checklist for supply staff

Are you ready for the new term? Why not take a look through our handy checklist to be sure you have everything in hand before the new term starts?


1. Make sure you have everything up to date

Keep us up to date with your latest details – it will help us to find you work more quickly. If you don’t have an assignment already, then you’ll need to make sure there are no delays getting work at the start of a new term. The things you should check are up to date are:

  • CV – Make sure you have sent an up to date CV to your consultant. If you need help to improve/enhance your CV, you could check out our sample CV here.
  • Referees – One of the key things which prevents us from offering assignments to our contractors is out of date paperwork, and in particular – references! So, make sure that you have these completely up to date by putting a call into our compliance team and checking whether any more recent ones are needed.
  • DBS – Make sure that your DBS check is still valid and up to date – without one, you simply can’t work in a school
  • Availability – Does your consultant know which days of the week you are available? Axcis contractors can update their availability by using our simple online diary on the Axcis app or online – make sure yours has been filled in for the new term!


2. Be proactive

Many agency workers who have yet to accept an assignment for the coming term fall into the trap of assuming that they don’t need to do anything except sit and wait for the phone to ring with an offer of work. Although this is not strictly untrue, you might find that you secure work more quickly if you are proactive. Things you can do include:

  • Apply for jobs – at Axcis, all of our jobs are advertised on our website. By applying, your consultant will receive a notification, and you will proceed directly to the shortlisted candidates who are being considered for the role. So get onto our jobs page today and start to apply for positions which appeal to you.
  • Follow up with a call – once you’ve applied online for jobs, if there are any for which you feel you are particularly suitable, follow it up with a phone call. There could have been lots of applications for the position, and you’ll want to make sure you stand out. So give the consultant mentioned on the job advert a ring and talk to them about the role and why you feel you are suitable. They may give you advice to tweak your CV or do other things which will help you to secure it, so it’s well worth the time spent picking up the phone.
  • Encourage your consultant to market your details – agencies will sometimes contact suitable schools on your behalf to let them know you are available for work. If you’d be keen for this to happen, it may be worth talking to your consultant and making sure they know how far you’d travel and what sort of schools you are keen on so that they can approach them on your behalf to seek out upcoming vacancies.


3. Understand the types of SEND you’ll be supporting

When working with special educational needs and disabilities, it’s essential that you have a good idea of the types of SEND you’ll be supporting. If you have children with needs or conditions that you’ve not come across before, then it may be a good idea to undertake some training or do some research. Check out our CPD Training and Career Development page and the Axcis events diary to see if we are running any courses which are useful to you. We offer a wealth of free CPD training as well as an extensive SEND resources section on our blog to help you on your way.


4. Prep your lesson plans and support materials

If you have already secured a role for the coming term, it’s a good idea to have some lesson plans and materials in hand ready to kick-start the new term and get your class off to a good start. Even if you don’t have a full timetable yet, or are waiting to secure some supply work, you can still do some prep. It never hurts to have some basic activities ready so you don’t get caught out unprepared!


Refer a friend for some extra cash!

If you could do with some extra cash (and let’s face it – who couldn’t?) then it might be worth seeing if you have any friends, colleagues or family who would be suitable for special needs teaching or support work – we offer £150 in vouchers for a successful referral*, so get your thinking cap on!

*Terms apply – contact your consultant for details.


Martin Keddie