Axcis presents fundraising proceeds to 2022 annual charity of the year - Dogs for Good

Axcis presents fundraising proceeds to 2022 annual charity of the year - Dogs for Good

As leaders in special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) recruitment, we have always believed in demonstrating our commitment to the sector. That’s why we have long-standing relationships with nasen (National Association for Special Educational Needs) and have supported other charitable organisations and events on and off over the years. We do this because we know how vital the work these organisations do is for young people with SEND as well as their families and the wider community – and they can’t do this without financial help. That’s where we (and of course their other sponsors) come in.

As part of our dedication to the SEND sector, we are also aware that the bigger charities often attract the lion’s share of the attention when it comes to fundraising and public attention. As such, we choose one charity a year to support with fundraising efforts. So when we came across Dogs for Good and the wonderful work they do, we felt that as a smaller charity we could not only support financially, but help to put a spotlight on as well.

We proudly managed to raise a total of £2513.12 which we were very lucky to present to the cute bundle of joy that is Mya, and her handler, Andy, too!



Dogs for Good is a wonderful charity that provide assistance and support dogs to children and adults with a range of special needs and disabilities. The dogs help at home, work and in the community where they help improve independence, wellbeing and life skills.  

If you are keen to support a small, grassroots charity that works tirelessly to support the SEND community then please do consider donating to Dogs for Good here.


To find out more about our charitable work then please visit our Charitable Partnerships page on our website.


Martin Keddie