Axcis Annual Charity 2023: Become

Axcis Annual Charity 2023: Become


At Axcis, we are proud long-term supporters of nasen (the National Association for Special Educational Needs). But from 2020, we have also been nominating an additional annual charity to support with our fundraising efforts. This year we have chosen to support ‘Become’. But who are they and why have we chosen to support them?


Why does Axcis support charities?

As leaders in special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) recruitment, we feel that it’s important to demonstrate our commitment to the sector. That’s why we have long-standing relationships with nasen and have supported other charitable organisations and events on and off over the years. We do this because we know how vital the work these organisations do is for young people as well as their families and the wider community – and they can’t do this without financial help. That’s where we (and of course their other sponsors) come in.


Why Become in 2023?

We chose Become because we want to support a smaller charity alongside the national organisations we are already working with. We are aware that the bigger charities often attract the lion’s share of the attention when it comes to fundraising and public attention. So when we found out about Become and the wonderful work they are doing, we felt that this was a smaller charity that we could not only support financially, but help to put a spotlight on in 2023, too.


Who are Become?

Become is a charity for children in care and care leavers. For 30 years they’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with children in care and young care leavers, helping them get the support they need. Whether this be ongoing coaching, advice on everyday situations, supporting the transition from leaving the care system, providing the opportunity to meet other care-experienced young people and share experiences, or just provide a friendly voice at the end of the phone, Become offer an invaluable service to so many people.


What will Axcis be doing to support Become in 2023?

We will be doing a range of internal fundraising activities aimed at raising money for Become throughout 2023. From bake sales and dress-down days to bucket collecting, meme the boss competitions, draws to win free lunches (on the company of course) and much, much more. The aim of the game is to get each team actively involved in activities to raise funds, as well as awareness about the charity. Axcis will then DOUBLE the amount raised at the end of the year before presenting Become with what we hope will be a sizable cheque!


Make your own donation or get involved

If this is the first time you’ve heard about Become and you’d like to get involved or make your own donation, you can do so via their website.



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Martin Keddie