5 Fantastic Resources For SEND Teachers And Support Staff

5 Fantastic Resources For SEND Teachers And Support Staff

As a SEND teacher or support staff member, you're probably already feeling pretty overwhelmed with the demands of your job. But we hear you! That's why we've collected our favourite resources for SEND teachers and support staff to help make your life easier.


Here you'll find free resources for the classroom, helpful websites, and new ideas for ways to save time and improve your students’ learning.


1) Whole School SEND – Created by our partners, nasen (National Association of Special Educational Needs), this is probably one of our favourite resources for SEND teachers and support staff. There’s also an online community where you can ask questions about SEND, share ideas for new activities, ask for help when things get tough in the classroom, and much, much more!


2) Reachout - This website offers free downloadable resources that can be used by staff working with students who have special learning needs or disabilities in their classrooms, at home or at school. They also offer a blog section filled with helpful tips on how to make life easier. But in even better news, if you are registered as a candidate with Axcis, you have access to all of their amazing CPD courses, absolutely free of charge! Please contact your consultant or our Candidate Training team for more information or to get yourself enrolled.


3) The National Autistic Society (NAS) – Axcis has had links with the NAS since 2011. They offer great Autism specific online training courses.


4) Autism Education Trust - Established and supported by the Department for Education, the AET promotes and supports partnerships throughout the education system to improve educational access, experience and outcomes for autistic children and young people. Underpinned by current research into good autism practice, the AET programme is structured around the three education phases – Early Years, Schools and Post 16.


5) EEF - This site has been designed in collaboration with teachers who have worked with students in mainstream and special needs settings, providing resources like lesson plans and teaching tips. If you're looking for ways to improve your skills as an educator (and not just someone who works with students who have special needs), this website is definitely worth checking out!


We hope you find these fantastic websites as useful as we have!


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Martin Keddie