As part of your registration with Axcis, you will have been provided with a candidate handbook. This is an important document which contains all of the core information to support you while you work for Axcis Education. Please be sure to read this carefully and familiarise yourself with our core processes, policies and guidance.
A copy of this handbook can also be downloaded here
Below is a list of the information you can find in your handbook, as well as which page it is on so you can easily find what you’re looking for:

 Guide to Supply


 Do’s of Supply


 Don’ts of Supply


 Teacher Tips


 Useful Websites for Teachers


 Teaching Assistant Roles and Responsibilities


 Useful Websites for Teaching Assistants


 The Scoop on Child Protection


 Behaviour Management


 Writing your CV


 At Interview


 Trial Lesson


 Payment Options


Guide to Umbrella Companies


Updating your Daily Supply Availability


 Guide to Online Timesheet


 A Brief guide to Agency Worker Regulations


 Safer Recruitment Policy


 Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Inclusion Policy


 Refer a Friend


 What Happens Now


 Get in touch


It is also important that you read the first 16 pages of “Keeping Children Safe in Education”. This is official Child Protection Guidance issued by the DfE, and can be found here