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Education jobs – A comprehensive selection of the finest SEN teaching roles in the UK - Updated on a daily basis


Are you sick of looking for education jobs only to be met with an endless array of outdated posts?


The world of online job hunting has definitely progressed however a lot of people aren’t reaping the advantages of this. This is because there is a wealth of websites whereby literally anyone can upload a job posting. Thus you are inundated with irrelevant postings – some of which aren’t even for jobs at all. Then you have to deal with the fact that some sites are rarely updated. This means you select ‘education’, hit search and then get excited when you see several job postings, only to feel disheartened when you realise they were posted in 2012. Sound familiar? It’s frustrating and disheartening, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. Axcis Education Recruitment is here to provide you with the ultimate solution for SEN education jobs. Your job hunting experience will never be stressful again. In fact, you probably won’t be job hunting for long at all! 


So, what makes us better than the rest? Firstly, we only specialise in education recruitment. This means that since the beginning of our journey in 2002 all of our resources have been dedicated to perfecting our recruitment offerings in this sector. All of our team are fully experienced in the recruitment industry and our expertise in special needs is second to none. We have been able to build up quality contacts in the industry and have good relationships with schools and other educational institutes all over the country. This means we can offer you the very best. We don’t merely post an endless array of job vacancies and leave you to it. We are here to help you and have a fantastic record of matching clients to the best education jobs for them specifically. 


Not only are we fully entrenched in this industry, but we never remain stagnant. We are constantly looking for new job opportunities for our clients. You will notice that our job section is updated on a daily basis. This allows you to benefit from a fast paced job hunting experience. You can wake up in the morning and assess the new special needs education jobs we have added to our site. A lot of people complain that there never seems to be any new jobs cropping up and that they have to wait weeks and weeks before they see anything fresh online. You won’t experience that issue here, we can assure you. 


We are also very particular about the jobs we provide. As mentioned; we have built up quality contacts and thus you can be certain that all vacancies are of a high standard. Nonetheless, we also try to make certain that the education jobs on offer are diversified. We work hard to ensure there is a good selection of various roles based all over the country. The main education jobs we offer are as follows; primary teachers, secondary teachers, school management posts, special needs teachers, support staff, cover supervisors, teaching assistants and nursery nurses. From London to the Midlands to the North West; we cover a wide scope of the country. 


Don’t delay another minute. Take a look at the fantastic selection of education jobs we have available today. If you need any advice or if you have any queries then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to help. You can drop us an email at; Alternatively, why not give us a call on 0800 107 9900? We look forward to hearing from you.